Realtime audio engine and production suite for video games

Viacom New Media audio engine

AYAOTD Club Dead Butthead

We designed and implemented a multiplatform realtime audio engine for video games that was highly responsive to changing game environments. At a time when the large media companies were just beginning to recognize the need to get involved with the video game industry it was critical to evolve the state of game music from the synthetic and loopy to provide richer and more cinematic audio experiences. Building a new game audio studio from scratch we not only developed the software engines for playing audio we developed a sophisticated production suite that made it easy for musicians and sound designers to integrate their work into responsive game environments.

All of the games that were developed in Viacom New Media's Chicago studio utilized this engine. The titles included:

MTV's Club Dead

Nickelodeon's Are You Afraid of the Dark? The Tale of Orpheo's Curse

Beavis and Butthead Virtual Stupidity

and many others.