Crosswired was a 1 month installation in the courtyard of the Los Angeles Architecture and Design Museum

CROSSWIRED in collaboration with workshop Levitas

crosswired crosswired

Crosswired was designed in collaboration with Workshop Levitas, an award-winning collective of architects, structural engineers and digital artists. 14 fabric structures, each with embedded LED spotlights, were suspended from the Variety building above an ad-hoc performance space in the courtyard. The structures were crosswired with a digital nervous system controlled by a multi-layered interactive interface that responded to environmental conditions through motion sensors, video inputs and live performance data (via MIDI). Live performances were sponsored by Skyy Vodka and featured the work of DJ and video artists curated by Doug Rimerman, Sarah Chambliss and Surya Buchwald. We designed the electronic and software systems, transforming the installation into an instrument of sound and light.