Steve Boyer is an artist, designer, inventor and educator with over 20 years of experience developing technology and producing content for interactive media. A leader with the ability to both share vision and manage detail without losing sight of either, he has a successful record of integrating diverse tools, technologies and talent into a body of work that resists categorization.

LIGHT : SOUND : MOTION : SPACE are the primary media of experience. Steve is dedicated to forging these media into experiences of meaning, delight and wonder.



For me music has always been a visual experience. The textural and spatial qualities of sound and time-evolving forms of music appear to me as elaborate multi-dimensional structures. This has led to a body of work in which light, space, color and sound are interchangeable, in which axes of time and space are rotated freely, in which the immaterial becomes material and vice versa.

Becoming fluent in this language of LIGHT : SOUND : MOTION : SPACE has required a lifelong investment in working with technology. This has left me with a critical relationship to technology that is grounded in intimate familiarity. I have observed a tendency for applications of technology to serve vain attempts at immortality, omniscience and omnipotence at the same time denying space, body and nature. Electronic media, in particular, tend to void space by drawing the viewer into the space of the media. My work aims to enhance experience by drawing the media into the space of the viewer.

– Steve Boyer



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